Experience your very own piece of Sardinia

Adopt it. Live it. Taste it.


Do you want to savour the authentic flavours of Sardinian cuisine in a new and exciting way?

Mannos is the answer to your wish.

With us you will be able to discover all the secrets of Sardinian products, so good and genuine, that they are what make Sardinia the Land of Longevity.

Adopt a little corner of Sardinia and get to know the entire production cycle and the producer we have chosen to accompany you on this voyage of discovery.

Enjoy unique food and wine experiences firsthand in Sardinia.

Taste the best traditional products.

How do you adopt a little piece of Sardinia?


Buy an adoption package and begin your production experience immediately


Follow the main stages involved in the making of your product


Receive your own personalised product and savour Sardinian authenticity

Adoption options available

The best ingredients of Sardinian cuisine produced in your very own corner of Sardinia.

Choose your adoption experience now.

Experiences available

Join the producers as they go about their daily life activities and enjoy a genuine experience of sharing and friendship.

The advantages of Mannos

Preserving traditions

We encourage and promote knowledge of traditional production techniques and help to preserve them

Supporting producers

We support those who have made production by traditional methods their way of life

Healthy and tasty products

You get to see with your very own eyes what you buy: savour the unique taste of authenticity